At Fount, we meet in rented spaces and concert venues, carrying and building a mobile church every Sunday! Experience Teams are an essential part of church life and make Fount Church feel like home to everyone who walks through our doors or watches online. The environments we create go far beyond big smiles, a friendly greeting or hot coffee–God uses Experience Teams to set the stage to change lives.

Through computer skills, data entry and attention to detail, this team uses administration to help people get connected to Dinner Parties, teams and community.
From driving trucks to setting up stages, the Crew Team transforms rented spaces into places of worship. 
Family Welcome
Create an atmosphere of warmth and support from the moment a family walks in the doors.
Help new people take a next step at Fount church! Foundations sets up and hosts our welcome desk before and after service.
Set up our Dream Team pit stop, green room and coffee bar for church! Hospitality creates an atmosphere of warmth in the house of God.
Help newcomers feel at home by leading people to find their seats in service! Host sets up the chairs, seats people upon arrival and helps new faces get connected.
Online Experience
Serve our online community by operating our online chat during services, welcoming newcomers and praying over any needs.
This team leads prayer over the service, pastors, members, and salvations and ensures that every person who makes a decision to follow Jesus has someone to pray with.
The first face most people see on a Sunday or at an event, Welcome makes a warm first impression and provides additional assistance before and after service.