Wellspring. Fountain. Source. A picture of movement and flow. An endless supply of sustenance and refreshment. A spring that never runs dry, endlessly alive, bubbling over, clear and pure.
Our Fount is Christ. In him are living waters for our parched souls. From barren places springs new life, growth, strength and beauty.

Jesus speaks of the water he gives as a kind of eternal satiating miracle. Never thirst again. No longer searching for the next oasis, every day stumbling upon another series of broken cisterns. No, this is living water. Once received, it gives. Where once we wandered, now the source lies within us. Your very soul will flow rivers of living water.

As the church, the people, receive Christ, His indwelling in us becomes a fount of refreshment for the world. A promise that this will never end, his life-giving presence has no expiration. What once was lost is now paradise found, “a fount of gardens, a well of living waters” that flows towards the city. Towards our neighborhoods. Our workplaces, apartments, friends. The river rushes and it flows through us.

We are only as fresh as our source, washed by the water of God’s word and captured by the movement of His Spirit.  Our heart’s cry is for the sustaining living water, only to be found in Christ. So, this is our cry: Come thou fount! Return to your first love, in pursuit of revival. Come thou fount, may we wash in the streams of mercy, never ceasing. Come thou fount of many blessings, tune my heart to sing thy grace. Here’s my heart, oh take and seal it. Come thou fount, my Jesus Christ.