Join the Team

step 1
Attend Foundations
Foundations is a once-a-month class that introduces you to the story and vision of Fount Church.
step 2
Introduce Yourself
Once you’ve attended Foundations, help us get to know you by filling out the interest form below. We’d love to know how to connect with you and what you’re most passionate about so we can help you find your best fit on Fount Team!
step 3
Watch Team Training
Learn about the culture and expectations of serving on Fount Team with this training video from lead Pastors Josh and Georgie Kelsey.
step 4
Shadow a Team
Once you’ve completed the previous steps, a team coach will connect with you to schedule a day to shadow so that you can see the teams in action, meet some of the leaders and get a closer look at serving.
step 5
Join the Team!
If you enjoyed the team you shadowed, you’ll be connected to the team leader, so that you can be scheduled to serve! You’ll receive communication in the Togather App as well as via group texts and emails, depending on your team.

If you want to shadow a different team, your team coach will work with you to set up another shadowing opportunity and introduce you to those leaders!
**Please note that some teams have additional training, auditions or requirements. These teams include: Worship, Production, Creative, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Kids and Youth.
step 6
Check Ins
We want to hear from you! Whether you’ve been serving for months or years, we want to know how it’s going and hear feedback from your experience volunteering.